Words and Fabric
linen, felt and string, 2016

A spoken word said once is temporary - it exists only as long as you say it. Written words, on the other hand, are constantly saying. These two projects explore words on banners and flags. Finding myself saying 'sorry' a lot, I thought if I wrote it huge - on a 3x5m banner - I'd never need to say it again, and in future I could simply point to it instead of apologising. The flags are words too, but they are coded in semaphore, which is usually used on ships. Hidden in the pretty colours and shapes are rude words that should not be spoken, but can be constantly said if they are illegible.

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Touching, Pointing, Painting, Gardening
A5 booklet, 2016

Last Christmas my mum got me a book called ‘Art and Fear’. I suddenly realised she knows me better than I thought. Obviously, she knows me well - she gave birth to me and she’s been around since then - but she really hit the nail on the head with that one.

A booklet documenting my work from summer 2015 to early 2016, including work dealing with mascunility and 'strong powers' to planes, lines, ladders and tall buildings.

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Big Dog and Little Dog
fabric and stuffing (not the edible kind), dog leads, 2015

Two slightly odd life-sized stuffed dogs first made for the group show From Archway With Love. The dogs were created for visitors to talk on walks through the gallery space, and thus help the circulation. Not only are they without names (all suggestions welcome), but they are also lacking eyes and noses, meaning they require care, attention and a little bit of love. This is an ongoing project as I explore the important relationship man and his imitation dog.

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Investigations into Painting
acrylic on canvas, 2014-2015

Work made while studying the history and conventions of painting. The first experiments in what I hope will be a long line of investigation and interest into the culture of painting. These pieces often parody and appropriate styles, or reject movements and genres in place of a naïve style. Some were painted on found pieces of cardboard, often on location, to paint as naturally and directly as possible.

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The Replication Project
acrylic on canvas, 2014-2015

An ongoing project. I'm not an experienced painter, but I decided to recreate classic paintings in an effort to learn more about how they're put together, and about how to paint. The results are sometimes successful, sometimes funny, and surprisingly recognisable. By forcing myself to replicate a classic painting, I create something that has no set style - the style comes about accidentally through my own painting 'skills'.

These paintings were very difficult to make, knowing that my versions will never be as good as the originals, which acts as a metaphor for the creation of all art - expectation vs. reality. The project is entirely subject to my confidence and motivation - which is why my version of American Gothic was never finished.

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Summer Paintings
acrylic on canvas and card, 2014

Paintings and drawings made in the summer of 2014, which cover a variety of different themes with a variety of different techniques.

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That's Weird Isn't It!
exhibition, party bag, catalogue 2014

The culmination of my Foundation course. I presented a body of my work that explored cliché and parody in an informal show in the kitchen of my flat. The show was then documented and that documentation, as well as all the pieces I made, were presented in a catalogue. This show incorprated pieces from the series Where I Grew Up, by William Dalton and Tales from Romley.

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Videos and audio pieces
Tales From Romley
various media, 2014

As part of my investigations into my home town and my place within it, I created a fictional London suburb called Romley and used it to parody and exaggerate my suburb, to then understand my upbringing more. The approaches within this project included creating fake council posters, taking bad self-portraits, and making sculptures.

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Very Nice
pen on cartridge paper, 2014

A concept with very simple execution. A generic phrase is chosen. It is written at the top of a piece of paper, then a line is drawn through it. Below, a line is drawn and then the phrase is written on top. Therefore, a relationship develops between the two halves, which are reverses of each other, but look identical.

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The Biscuit Collection of Michel Foucault (as produced by the French Association of Biscuit Collectors)
presentation box, 30 photographs, 2014

A concept that used the format of a limited edition set of prints to communicate Michel Foucault's philosophies of heterotopias and utopias. Inside the box is 30 photographs of biscuits unusually customised to describe either a heterotopia or a utopia. Foucault's concepts are explained in a short introduction on the inside of the box.

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