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In December 2014 things got groovy as the Fan Club received a disco-themed envelope. As well as a letter from the head of the Fan Club (William Dalton), the envelope included a unique disco painting - a visualisation of the 70s genre executed with paint, glitter and little cutout disco people. Also included was 'Where Are They Now?', a one-player game featuring the members of ABBA's faces on lollipop sticks (which is surprisingly easy to play!) and a customised mixtape of disco music loosely based on the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack. No one puts baby in the corner!

In November 2014 the Fan Club was treated to a Simon Cowell-themed envelope. It included judgemental Simon Cowell stickers (because, you know, people trust Simon Cowell's judgement more than they do yours) and a fun-filled Simon Coweel activity book. The book featured Cowell-themed puzzles such as crosswords, wordsearches, dot-to-dots, fill in the blanks, drawing activities and of course the all-important answers. The envelope also included a badge and signed photograph for all new members, and the customary letter from the big man himself.

Do you want more fun in your life? (nb. not every envelope is Simon Cowell-themed) Yes? Definitely? Well then go ahead and treat yourself to a membership!

3 Month Subscription — £9
6 Month Membership — £18
9 Month Membership — £27
12 Month Membership — £36