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If you've made some fan art in response to the Fan Club or any of the themes featured in it, please send it to wndalton@gmail.com and get it featured on this snazzy page! Seriously - drawings, paintings, sculptures, fancy dress costumes, shrines, love songs, poems, ritual sacrifices of small animals, or even just a photo of you looking cool wearing your WDFC badge... I'd love to see them!

Sam and his friend (also called Sam) made this funky video in which Sam #1 becomes the only person in recorded history to successfully master the Hustle. No, not the Hustle you know, but a complex new dancemove exhibited on the front of December's disco-themed envelope. Samtastic!

Josephine sent in this lovely picture of WD as ABBA, in response to December's disco-themed envelope. Our favourite is Willy Danderson - proof that a heavy Scandinavian beard might be a good look for WD himself?

Liv sent in this photo of her wearing her WDFC badge... looking super stylish on a demin jacket!