Film and the City
short films, 2017

Four short films that explore how people interact with the city - its roads, its language, and other people sharing the space. 'Bob Dylan In Crouch End' is a documentary-style short that tells a local story; 'The Islington Walk' examines narration in film; 'Crossing the Road' takes an everyday occurance and turns it into a comedic farce; and 'The Scarf' is an interaction between two strangers who meet on a street.

South Harrow Home Video
VHS, 2016

An video exploration of a home in north-west London that was recorded straight to VHS and played on the house's TV for a small exhibition. Over the hour and a half of footage there is a tour of the house and garden, the unusual objects that can be found in it, a critique of life drawings, a Gogglebox-style film watching sequence and some nice shots of the sky (along with lots of static).

Frames from the tape
The Painting Documentary
short film, 2015

A short documentary explaining the first few months of my painting project. Satirising the sincerity of art documentaries, the film tells the story of my relationship with painting, from my first experiments. Different formats are utilised, including a mock interview, comments from members of the William Dalton Fan Club and emotional montage sequences. The documentary is illustrated with the paintings I have made over the past six months.

1hr DV tapes, 2014-2015

In an effort to improve my filmmaking skills, I started making video 'doodles' on hour-long DV tapes. I would record things around me and edit in real-time, in-camera. There is no post-production; all the sequences are taken straight from the tape.

The results are raw and unusual, some more successful than others. At the start of the project, the experiments were more constructed, like short art film sequences, but it soon progressed to scenes where I captured real life, directing it in my choice of shots and editing.

Watch clips from the Tapes
Erno Music Videos
videos, 2014

To accompany my music project Erno, I have produced several short music videos. The videos reflect the experimental, lo-fi/DIY nature of the music, creating a visual to accompany the instrumental tracks.

Watch the 'W. Hill' video
Watch the 'Western 2' video
Watch the 'Live Tropical Fish' video
Dad Bog
video, intended for gallery projection, 2014

We follow a man walking his dogs through the countryside. He walks from the beach through dunes, bogs, fields and a moorings, further inland. This video is intended to be played without sound, looping, projected onto a wall. The walking pace and the act of being led is strangely relaxing - it's an old-fashioned tour in real-time.

Frames from the film
Films from Where I Grew Up, by William Dalton
short films, 2014

As part of my project That's Weird Isn't It!, I went back to my home town, Bromley, and examined suburban life and my place in the suburbs. The results were several films, which ranged from long, static shots intended to be played in a gallery space (A Suburban Drive) to experiments with video clichés (Will's Kitchen).

Watch on the That's Weird Isn't It! project page
short film, 2014

A short atmospheric film following my sister walking the dog around our suburban neighbourhood, culminating in a dark scene in a park.

Psychological Body
short film, 2013

A collaborative short film made on my Foundation course. We were given the prompt 'psychological body' to create an outcome, and mutual interests in David Lynch and French New Wave cinema led to a film covering birth, life and death. The film is heavy with symbolism. Made in collaboration with Alesandra Miro Quesada and Wakaba Katsuyama.

Off The Map
short film, 2013

A thriller following a teenager as he tries to drive to his mysterious friend's house in the countryside. Along the way, the boy starts to realise he is being followed, leading to a dramatic nighttime climax.