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When I was younger I loved LEGO. Then I grew up a bit, and I still loved it. This is a catalogue of most of the LEGO creations (or 'MOCs') I made between 2007 and 2011. I was an active part of the online community under the name John, and was well known for my Ikea-indebted furniture collection, The John Collection, and my models of minfig-sized buildings. For four years I also ran the LEGO blog Brickspace, which regularly posted cool new creations from across the community. I also attended and showed my creations at several conventions. Below is the majority of everything else I did, ranging from spaceships and cars to film scenes and illustrated stories; latest first.

JOHNLAND filling station

Havetsby Microscale Train Bridge

from Portal 2

Space station scene

Henne Beach House: Family Car

A Fugitive Crosses His Tracks

Microscale Town Hall

Conflict at Nordoostpolder Lock

Futura City Spaceport: Security Gate 5

T.E.A.L. Interceptor

from 'No Country For Old Men'


NCS Federation Outpost

Björn Moves In

Martian Mech