Will's London Boroughs
website, 2016 (ongoing)

Let's get this straight: I love London. In 2016 I started to notice my obsession with London's boroughs, tube lines and placenames slip into my work so I created a seperate space for it. 'Will's London Boroughs' is a subsite with a page for each of the city's 32 boroughs, which I am slowly filling with photos, information and stories.

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Post-It Notes
marker pen on post-it notes, 2014

A selection of post-it notes with short phrases and words that I put up on the wall of my room as I was finishing off That's Weird Isn't It, and a short time afterwards. The post-its record my thoughts and reveal my love of short catchy phrases.

Random post-it
crayon, pen and pencil on paper and card, 2014

A selection of drawings, sketches and visual jokes mostly done with crayons. These are what inspired me to make the childrens' fridge drawings featured in That's Weird Isn't It!

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So Far
collection of short stories, 2013

A collection of short stories and written paraphanelia that goes back as far as 2010. So Far documents my development as a writer, showcasing early works in tandem with newer, fuller works, such as 'Zaum a.k.a. March 2013' and 'A Girl, Malta'. These are accompanied by write-ups and discussions, and photos too, to give a complete picture of what my writing's like right now.

Cat Posters
inkjet on paper posters, 2012

I made these fake cat posters and put them up around my local neighbourhood. The phone numbers are typical for my area but don't actually exist.

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Suspension Demo
Flash game, 2011

Suspension is one of my favourite projects; a demo for a point-and-click adventure game accomplished entirely in Lego. I developed every aspect of this immersive game, from coding in Flash CS4 to sound mixing in Garageband, graphics in Illustrator CS4 and, of course, building the set itself. It is a short demo 'test scene' for a longer game concept, and features extras, credits and a walkthrough.

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