Erno -
Demos and Unreleased Songs, Vols. 1 & 2

albums, 2017

Demos and Unreleased Songs Vol. 1
1. Open Boy (2:41)
2. Trampolines/Swimming Pools (2:07)
3. Poor Boy (2:06)
4. Today (3:24)
5. Mandy (3:08)
6. Shadows (2:02)
7. Here, Forever (3:40)
8. Know Her Too (1:39)
9. Seventy-Eight (3:13)
10. Zebra Farm (1:13)
11. Confessional (4:48)

Demos and Unreleased Songs Vol. 2
1. The End (1:40)
2. Until We Fall Asleep (2:29)
3. Sixty-Two (3:08)
4. Stephen's Party (2:50)
5. Lullaby(e) (3:51)
6. I Broke Your Heart (2:34)
7. Know Yourself/Help Yourself (2:20)
8. The Summer is Over (1:39)
9. Two Untitled Demos (2:03)
10. Albion (2:33)
11. Sink or Swim (2:52)
12. Truck Parked at an Angle (4:43)
13. Dreaming (3:42)
14. Untitled (Jazz) (1:22)

I make a lot of songs. Some of them are good, and some of them are bad, and some of them are bad but they need a little help to be good. It's important to realise when a demo can be helped - if it has potential - or if it's best left as just a demo. Collected in these two albums are the demos which were good, but I felt weren't worth further work. Vol. 1 is a selection of songs from the Middle Distance/Songs for Here and Now sessions in 2014. Vol. 2 is a selection of songs from the two years since then.

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Erno -
Songs for Here and Now

album, 2014

1. Lansdowne, Part 1 (4:01)
2. I Can't See (2:28)
3. Bicycle (2:21)
4. Rochester Ave. (5:42)
5. You See Through Me (3:41)
6. Rain (2:15)
7. Black Stereo (1:33)
8. Alright on the Night (2:27)
9. Horizon (3:41)
10. Lansdowne, Part 3 (2:25)

The more instrumental, more experimental counterpart to Middle Distance. This album was an experiment in creating different kinds of tape music, including guitar improvisations ('Lansdowne Part 3'), Noise suites ('Black Stereo') and purely ambient pieces like 'Horizon'. 'Alright on the Night' is one of the more unusual songs, featuring a short story spoken over an instrumental jam in the style of 'The Gift' by the Velvet Underground.

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Erno -

EP, 2014

1. Gooseberry Pie (3:52)
2. Leisure Centre (2:09)

Two songs inspired by kitsch British music of the 60s, an unusual and often overlooked slice of very English psychedelia from bands like the Beatles and the Kinks.

Erno -
Middle Distance

album, 2014

1. Fair (5:35)
2. Western No. 2 (4:03)
3. Garden City (6:22)
4. A Drive Home (3:53)
5. Ocean Song (5:32)
6. Busker (Interlude) (1:02)
7. Homecoming (2:24)
8. Leafy Greens (2:15)
9. On The Beach (5:34)
10. No Change (3:34)
11. Wanna Know Why (9:24)
12. Outro (Goodbye) (2:59)

My second album, and a record vastly different to anything I'd made before. I spent the summer listening to a lot of music and working my way through the 'classics' of rock, and making demos on a cassette tape recorder. These are the best and most diverse of those demos, songs with formal structures, lyrics and solos that represented a huge leap in what I was capable of. The references are broad but the album still maintains a central theme; a peculiar English modern folk feel, with songs referencing gardens, trains, flowers and greenhouses.

Erno -
Wednesday Morning

EP, 2014

1. Wednesday Morning (5:15)
2. Live Tropical Fish (2:09)
3. Palermo(6:39)
4. Televangelist(1:07)

An EP using a synth organ and a guitar to create sometimes kitsch-sounding music. The four tracks range from dark, trudging post-punk ('Palermo') to chirpy mall music ('Live Tropical Fish').

Betsy b/w What is Love?
single, 2014

1. Betsy (3:10)
2. What is Love? (6:20)

As part of my project That's Weird Isn't It!, I wrote two corny love songs to parody my own musicianship and the connotations of being a teenage bedroom guitar player. These songs are intended to be terrible, as is the cover.

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Erno -
Garden Single

single, 2014

1. Garden Song (2:21)
2. Night Ambience (2:22)

A small single made over two days back at home from uni. The first is an acoustic piece and the second is a composition of textures and 'found sounds'.

Erno -
Sick - Single

single, 2014

1. Sick (3:43)
2. Folly/Crater (4:04)

A single with remixed versions of two songs that didn't seem appropriate for the recent Dusk at Castle Farm EP. The first is a fuzzed-out rock song and the other is a dark, repetetive experimental track.

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Erno -
Dusk at Castle Farm

EP, 2014

1. Zabriskie Point (3:33)
2. No Woods (1:59)
3. W Hill (2:37)
4. Dusk at Castle Farm (4:27)

A short EP of ambient, experimental songs. These were all based on a photoshoot I did at the end of the summer in a lavender field near Castle Farm Road, Chelsfield. With these songs I wanted to recreate or at least represent that night and that location. The album cover is a crop of a photograph from that night.

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Erno -

album, 2013

1. Weekend Casual (3:10)
2. Tuesday Blue (3:43)
3. Drummer (1:54)
4. Go Getter (2:11)
5. Interlude (P.G.R.) (2:47)
6. Post-Grey (4:57)
7. Impression (0:37)
8. September (8:15)

My first album, this is a collection of the first few songs I created after learning to play the guitar. They range from full songs with chord progressions, like 'Weekend Casual', to experimental tracks like 'Interlude'. Finished at the end of my last summer before starting uni, these eight songs ended up representing my final few weeks at home, culminating in the 8-minute 'September', signalling Autumn starting.

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