The 117th Badgerscouts

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Run with Billy Sassi, the 117th Badgerscouts is an open artists' collective taking the form of a scout troop, examining the dynamics of leadership and teamwork and the performance of identity. Our first expedition was to the Epping Forest, where we we earned our orienteering badge (we got lost), camping badge (we put up a tent) and survival skills badge (we cooked ravioli). Documentation from that expedition was presented at 'Pre-Sliced Orange Segments' at Light Eye Mind, October 2017.

In 2018 the Badgerscouts returned with a collaboration with Word in Transit, organising and curating a series of performances that took place on the London Overground line to Walthamstow. Each performer wore a scout scarf and presented a method of preparation for the exhibition ahead.

Display at 'Pre-Sliced Orange Segments', October 2017


Will Dalton is an artist and writer based in London. He uses the materials of everyday life to explore how our personal experiences are shaped by the objects, places and spaces around us.